Sullair data sheets rotary screw compressors

The Sullair 900 rotary screw portable air compressor delivers 900 cfm at 150 psig or 25.5 m3/min at 10.3 bar. The unit is designed for reliability and total accessibility. Powered by a C9 Caterpillar engine. Mounting options are tandem axle or steerable wagon wheel. Variable Speed Drive control is optional for Rotary Screw Compressors. Compatible with 3PX-Backbone which permits electronic integration with numerous third party controllers. Download the AirStarPD Product Data Sheet. SullAir Rotary Screws COMPRESSOR DATA SHEET Rotary Compressor: Fixed Speed MODEL DATA - FOR COMPRESSED AIR Manufacturer: Sullair Corp 2 Model Number: 10* Total Package Input Power at Zero Flow e 6.8 kW e 11 22.7 kWd 12* 22.4 kW/100 cfme *For models that are tested in the CAGI Performance Verification Program, these items are verified by the third party administrator. 900XHH/1150XH Tier 4 Final Portable Lubricated Rotary Screw Air Compressor. 900 - 1150 cfm. 540 hp. 403 kW. ... 1 Sullair Way Michigan City, IN 46360. SULLAIR. About; Sullair’s 400 – 600 hp two-stage rotary screw stationary compressors offer the highest volumes of compressed air for large air applications. Compression is divided between two stages of rotary screws, which produces a power advantage of 11 to 13 percent over equivalently sized single-stage compressors.