Gas welding sheet metal lens

Topic 260: Gas Welding and Cutting I ntroduction: Using a torch to cut or join metal material is commonly known as “Hot Work”. Torch welding uses high temperatures to heat or melt the metal material to be bonded and uses a similar, compatible material to melt into the joint as filler to make the weld (joint). TM2000 High Accuracy Gas Welding Lens allows you to clearly see the welding and brazing process on aluminum, cast iron, stainless, and any other flux-based gas welding process that creates an orange flare when welding. Just click the image below to learn more about a gas lens stubby kit that will help with tig welding stainless steel A diy tool for fitups for tig welding stainless laps Take an old crappy screwdriver and add some silicon bronze weld metal to the tip and than sand it down so that there is a flat spot on the tip at an angle. Praxair is a leading source for welding gases, industrial gases, welding equipment and welding supplies. Shop online at Large cups with a 16-17” diameter are the best to weld sheet metal since they offer broader coverage against the heat in the welded zone. It will also improve bead quality and reduce heat input. Make Sure to Use Gas Lens. Welding torches working with gas lens prevent sudden movements as you handle the task.